Imago raw Honey is a business that produces superfoods made from honey to support the healthy lifestyle of the Indonesian people, located in Cileungsi, Bogor Regency under PT Imago Randau Harmoni Through Sustainable Harvesting, Imago becomes farmers and craftsmen as partners.

We support the healthy lifestyle of the Indonesian people through the “Imago Healthy Recipes” program, by implementing the SDG Program through empowering the surrounding community, using environmentally friendly and sustainable ingredients. Enjoying Imago Raw Honey, not only keeps you healthy but also supports indigenous people to protect Indonesian forests. IMAGO continues to develop products in collaboration with the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) and complete more certifications.



  • Internship program for younger siblings of vocational schools and university students. Currently, we have entered the 6th batch from SMK Cileungsi, Djuanda University Bogor and Bogor Agricultural University (IPB).
  • Monthly compensation for the orphaned foundations in Cileungsi.
  • In collaboration with Lam Horas Production, providing honey support for pregnant and breastfeeding female inmates at Lapas Il Tangerang..
  • Regular training for Cileungsi and surrounding MSMEs related to entrepreneurship at the Imago workshop, in addition to training as well as assistance to upgrade.
  • Collaboration with Gambaran Brand Indonesia for donations to the CdLS Foundation which houses children with rare genetic disorders caused by gene mutations during the fertilization process in the womb.
Imago partners with:


Local farmers and artisans


Corporate Customers